What are Red, Blue and Infrared Therapy Lights?

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What are Red, Blue and Infrared Therapy Lights?

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“What are Red, Blue and Infrared Therapy Lights?”

Hi, I’m Edna Ness I’m here to talk a little bit about red, blue, and infrared light waves for healing.  The Light Therapy pads deliver blue, red and infrared light waves that help relieve pain and increase circulation.  The infrared light diodes are on every other row on the light pad.  They are actually invisible to the eye, but very effective.  Infrared light waves go the deepest into the tissue, about 2 ½. The red light waves go about ½ inch into the skin. Blue light waves  Light therapy stimulates healthy cell growth and stimulates circulation, bringing fluid flow to the cells. Light therapy it’s warming, giving you really good energy.  This pad is blue and infrared. Blue is more calming.  It doesn’t go quite as deep into the skin.  It’s great for acne or infection.  It helps bring oxygen to the cells.  Both of these pads are used by placing them directly onto the body.  They are FDA approved for increasing circulation and reducing pain. Because it increases circulation, it relieves inflammation and stimulates the natural healing process.  Contact us for an appointment to try out light therapy for yourself.

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